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BlackWitch was formed in 1995 by P.Boman and R.Sjöström. However, BlackWitch was just as an idea at that stage.
When Sjöström got cought up in making his magazine, Metal Duck, it was decided that he would not be a part of BlackWitch any more.
But that did not stop Boman from writing violent music and rehearsing with session members.

In june 1997, Boman went into Necromorbus Studio with session members from Funeral Mist and Sardonic Tears
to record the first, and so far, only opus. The demo, entitled Apocalypse, got overwelming response throughout the world.


“Boman rules in Hell!!!”
Metalion - Slayer Mag

“Swedish Black Metal that actually sounds like Black Metal...great! Blackwitch performes fast and
grim Black Metal with agression and devotion. You can really feel that this is something sincere, with raw spirit and dedication,
it has the dagger of maniac Black Metal with a dark and evil soul!”
Melankol-X - Nordic Vision

“Apocalypse includes three tracks with a piano ending witch could seduce the fans who liked Venom,
Bathory and even Dark Throne. We impatiently wait for their next release!”
Larry Lava - Metallian


“This is a Swedish Black Metal act that don´t sound like typical Swedish Black Metal of the 90´s. It has an “old” feel to it,
without having anything whatsoever to do with the current Black/thrash retro trend.
I like this alot It´s raw and crude!”
Tony Richter - Necrologium Zine


Blackwitch plays what you can label as “back to the roots Black Metal”.
It reminds me of tracks such as “Countess Bathory”, “Nightmare”...from Venom, crossing some Bathory influenses.
“ The Night Of The Gathering”, “War” offer authentic Black Metal: agressive and hatefull, just check it out!”
Georges Laforet - Pull The Chain

“Blackwitch is, despite from others, hard rough and especially
Magnus Emilsson - Twilight Zine