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Violent Music For Violent Minds



Many may think that BlackWitch has seized to exist since nothing has been released since the the
demo tape "Apocalypse". However that is not the case.

BlackWitch is within me, thriving and gnawing on my mind. Maybe not consciously, every minute awake,
but still always present in the dark shadows of my subconscious.
When it comes to creative material, there is lots of tunes just waiting to be recorded.

Who I am, how I prostitute myself to uphold my standard of living, or what my political ideals
(if I even have any) are, is highly irrelevant.
BlackWitch does not in any way take part in any underground movement,
neither political or religious.

What I thrive to do is not to sell records, T-shirts or belt buckles. What I thrive to do is to give
you a tool, an instrument. How you choose to use that instrument, that is up to you.


When the time comes, there will be more violent music for violent minds.